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About Us

Robyn Simon

“I am passionate about raising awareness about low tox lifestyle solutions and wellness. And I want to help people create a business that supports financial independence and a work-life balance so they have time to enjoy the important things in life – family, friends, travel …”

Australian Diamond Founder

The doTERRA Australian Diamond Founder transformed her life both professionally and personally through her association with doTERRA Essential Oils.

She began as a from small start-up and grew it into a successful business that is now over ten years old.

Trusted Mentor

Robyn has mentored many international and national Wellness Advocates who have created successful lives that they love living.

Strengthen Relationship

She believes in building and strengthening relationships with her team members supporting them with love, passion and drive. She is always ready to answer the phone and listen to their concerns.

20 years of experience

Members of her team benefit from her extensive knowledge of essential oils gathered from over 20 years of working and living with essential oils.
Robyn believes you are never too young or too old to start building the life you desire.

What We Do


Robyn Simon owns and manages a successful network marketing business selling doTERRA essential oils and wellness products.
Robyn offers awareness, information and support to others about:

1. Wellness and living a low tox lifestyle.
2. How to start a successful doTERRA wellness business that can lead them to financial freedom.

Year Experience
Money Back Guarantee
Happy Clients

More About Robyn

Robyn Simon

Robyn Simon is passionate about living a low tox lifestyle – natural health, nurturing the environment, her fruit and vegetable garden and pure essential oils. In her earlier life she has worked as a pastry chef and cooking teacher at TAFE (won the Powerhouse Museum First Birthday Cake Making Competition), was a Champion show rider with her beloved horse Bobby, lived as a farmer with her husband, worked in horticulture, practised bee keeping and also worked in natural therapies.

Robyn practices Huna philosophy (from Hawaii) all about the joy of life and the joy of being with people. Life is busy for avid gardener and businesswoman Robyn and she regularly channels her inner Aloha to stay relaxed, focused, and happy at all times. One of her strengths is her positive, uplifting personality and outlook on life.

As a long time user of pure essential oils (over 20 years), Robyn is a library of knowledge about the benefits to your health and well-being and your environment – home and car. Robyn loves to share her knowledge about anxiety, mood, mind and sleep management, mould, your health, home and car, air quality, women’s health and hormones, cooking with essential oils and even some tips about essential oils and your pets.

Running her successful doTERRA Essential Oil business for over 10 years has been one of Robyn’s greatest joys – she loves working with her Oily Tribe and sharing Oily Wisdom.

Robyn’s workshops are fun and informative and you will feel confident to begin your own essential oil journey to support and manage your health and wellness.

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